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Invest in the Possible

  • Children are the heart and soul of our society, and investing in their well-being is the most important thing we can do. But not all families have the same access to opportunities for their kids, especially those in low-income communities.


    Our neighbors often face challenges and roadblocks due to unfair inequalities in their race, class, gender, or where they live. Pathways LA works towards a more inclusive society where all children have a fair chance to thrive, regardless of their background.

  • We believe that all children share a future full of endless possibilities. Driven by data and innovation, our experts support the continuum of care that includes parents, childcare providers, community partners, and policymakers.


    Giving parents a voice and meeting their unique needs empowers them to work for their education, knowing their children are safe and cared for. We create opportunities to explore the joys of parenthood and lean on a supportive community during difficult times.

  • At Pathways LA, we are dedicated to fairness and making sure that every child, parent, and childcare provider has the same opportunities, regardless of the challenges they may face due to inequality in our society.


    Equality is at the heart of everything we do, from meeting families where they are and working together with those who care about the success of all children. With our diverse approach and the support of our passionate community members, we can create a pathway for all children to reach a bright future.

Vision for an Inclusive Los Angeles

Every single day our team of experts are fighting for the future. We know that children will thrive when their parents and child care providers are supported by community organizations and family-forward public policy.

Here is a snapshot by the numbers of who makes up our community and how we are investing to make sure children succeed.









We serve the neediest families in our community. Families enrolled in our program have a median annual household income below $22,000.

Over the course of the last fiscal year our experts gave child care providers more than 1,045 hours of training and one-on-one coaching. This investment supports providers in their quest to offer the best outcomes for the children in their care.

More than 80% of the families we serve are single-parent households, predominantly single mothers.

In the last fiscal year, we enrolled more than 2,000 children into assisted child care programs.

Each month our child development experts lead an average of 10 professional development seminars for child care providers.

93% of the family child care homes we support are women and minority-owned small businesses, generating more than $21,000,000 of annual revenue into the local economy.

Through our Family Engagement Program, 437 parents and children were able to access inclusive supportive services in the form of parent education, play and learn-groups, and fun family activities.

Our community is among the most racially and ethnically diverse in Los Angeles County, and the families in our programs speak more than ten languages, including Armenian, Cantonese, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Investing in Child Care Starts with You

Every act of generosity has the power to uplift a community. We need passionate supporters who share our vision and will fight to see it become a reality through advocacy, volunteerism, and financial contributions. Check out our annual report to learn more about how we are fortifying pathways to equity.

Now is the time to stand up for families! Join us and donate today to transform our city.


I was part of an abusive relationship, and overnight I became a single parent with no job. Pathways LA helped me find childcare while I looked for work, and after I started working and was able to provide for my son.

- Jennifer C-M, Parent -