Community Voices - Pathways LA

4th Apr 2018

Community Voices

For more than 10 years, Pathways L.A. has collaborated with Crystal Stairs, Inc. for their Community Voices initiative.

This Los Angeles advocacy project, funded by Crystal Stairs, provides an opportunity for parents and providers to develop leadership skills and serve as citizen lobbyists, advocating for our community’s children.

Pathways works with and supports Crystal Stairs by:

  • Offering leadership and advocacy opportunities to parents and child care providers so they can create and harness the power of social change
  • Planning visits to local and state legislators’ offices to address problems that affect children and families within our community
  • Helping parents learn how to effectively share their story with politicians and other actors who make budgetary decisions in California
  • Engaging in special campaigns, such as letter writing, phone calls, and video campaigns to legislators
  • Participating in legislative meetings in Los Angeles and Sacramento, including attending Stand for Children Day
  • Contact us  for more information on Community Voices, or to learn how you can become a citizen lobbyist working to change our children’s future.