3 tips that will help parents with finding reliable child care

7th Mar 2018

3 tips to help you find quality child care

Pathways LA Child Care

We know the task of finding child care is daunting, complex and, if you’re like most parents, filled with lots of questions. As a partner in child care services for thousands of Los Angeles families, Pathways LA has a lot of experience helping parents navigate the often overwhelming job of securing quality child care. To that end, we’ve gathered some basic tips to help get you started – and hopefully ease some of the stress associated with finding high quality, affordable, and reliable child care for your little ones.

First, you’ll want to have an idea of the specific needs of your family.

Determine the days and hours for which you’ll need child care –these might be traditional hours (9am – 5pm) or non-traditional hours, and keep in mind if your schedule changes week to week. You should also think about where you’ll want the child care setting to be – near your home, work, or school, for example.

Does your child have any special or unique needs? There are a variety of child care settings and styles. You should think about which might be best for your child. Pathways LA has Referral and Resource specialists who can help walk you through these options.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, visit and evaluate the child care providers you’ve selected.

You have many different types of child care to choose from. Some care is licensed, and some is not. Licensing does not assure quality, but it does provide guidelines for health and safety and demonstrates a commitment by the provider. We suggest that you visit and evaluate several child care providers. If you take the time to look carefully, you can find quality care for your child in a variety of settings.

Now, with your list of needs and providers, you are ready to choose who is best suited to provide your little one with their care. Of course, Pathways LA is here to help if you would like additional information to aid your decision – just give us a call.

While Pathways LA serves all parents in our service area, many parents do qualify for financial assistance. Use our child care subsidy calculator to find out if you qualify for free or reduced-cost child care. If you do qualify please contact Pathways before you enroll your child.

We know this might not answer all your questions on how to find the best quality child care for your child but hopefully it helps you get started on the process. Of course, you’re always welcome to contact Pathways LA for any assistance or questions along the way.