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After a career spanning 27 years at Pathways LA, in September our Executive Director Jessie Salazar passed away. Jessie’s commitment to serving the most vulnerable population left a lasting impression on us all. He had a vision to create pathways to educational excellence for every child we serve. He knew that, with the investment from organizations like ours, parents struggling to get by could better support their children and help them achieve success later in life.


We are celebrating Jessie’s 50th birthday by creating a new initiative, Books, Bikes, and (Full) Bellies, to help children in ways that Jessie would see fit. To honor this milestone birthday we have set a goal of providing at least 50 children in need with a set of books, a brand new bicycle, and healthy meals – each item representing a different passion of Jessie’s and the current needs in our community.


Please consider sponsoring a child and join us as we celebrate Jessie’s life, legacy, and vision for a bright future for all children.


I’m a single mother from Ecuador, who came to this country to provide a better life for my children. I was offered a job, but didn’t have anyone to help me take care of my kids. I don’t have any family here, and it was hard to navigate the services available in my community. Thank you Pathways LA team for stepping in and helping me.

- Jennifer J., Parent -