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With a Pathways LA legacy, you will be remembered for helping families in need today and helping to end the cycle of poverty tomorrow. This legacy ensures that you and your values live on. Your legacy gift guarantees that the most vulnerable among us will know they have support in helping their children realize their full potential. Through your Pathways LA legacy, you have the power to ensure families in need will not just survive, but will have the opportunity to thrive and live full lives. For 40 years, Pathways LA has been meeting the community’s needs for child care and early education – and with your partnership we will continue to make sure these much needed services are here for our children and the generations that come after. Your gift can help a child build the foundation for academic success and lifelong fulfillment.

Ways to Plan

Including Pathways LA in Your Will or Trust

A gift from your estate can ensure that your children and grandchildren know how important your community is to you and will help you pass on your values to them. Inserting the following simple language can help ensure your values are remembered for generations: “I give _____ percent of my estate” or “_____ dollars” or “the residue of my estate” to Pathways LA, located at 3325 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1100, Los Angeles, CA 90010.” Pathways LA’s Tax ID number is: 95-3258661. Pathways LA has been serving the community for 40 years. By naming Pathways LA in your will or trust, you are helping us continue to be an important resource in our community for generations to come.


Gifts that Provide for or Honor Family Members

Many of our donors like to honor a family member by making a memorial gift to Pathways LA in their will or trust. Leaving a gift in your will or trust is a time-honored way of ensuring that your annual support of child care and early education continues for generations to come. To leave a legacy of your values while leaving the majority of your funds to your loved ones, name Pathways LA as a beneficiary of a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate. To leave Pathways LA what’s left after loved ones are provided for, use a residuary bequest. Pathways LA will be “second in line” after all costs and bequests to others have been satisfied. To leave your estate to family and friends, unless you outlive one of your beneficiaries, consider a contingent bequest. This is often used by husbands and wives who stipulate that if the other spouse is not living, then the bequest specified for that spouse will go to Pathways LA.


IRA or Other Retirement Plans 

Retirement plan assets passed on to your heirs are subject to taxes that most other assets are not. Thus, naming Pathways LA as the beneficiary of your retirement plan is one of the most efficient ways of passing on your values to the next generation. These assets are not governed by your will or trust. You must use a separate beneficiary designation form that can only be provided by the administrator of your retirement plan. ________________________________________

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy that you no longer find useful, or a new one purchased with Pathways LA as both owner and beneficiary, is a great way to leverage your legacy. Contact your insurance professional to discuss your options. For a list of referrals, call us at (213) 639-1541 or JHarris@pathwaysla.org.


Life Income Plans

Do you wish you could afford to do more to help the community and make a larger gift? Life income plans allow you to make a donation of cash or assets and receive an income for your lifetime. Each type of plan has unique benefits and is more or less appropriate depending on the assets you are considering using to fund the gift. Call to discuss if a charitable gift that pays you income makes sense for your situation.


For Trustees and Professional Advisors

If you are a trustee, financial advisor or attorney preparing a will or trust, or you are helping an individual do so and need the legal name of Pathways LA, please use the following designation: Pathways LA (Tax ID 95-3258661) If you are administering an estate that names Pathways LA as a beneficiary, please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you to express our gratitude for the gift, to inquire how and to whom we might acknowledge it, and to thank you for your role in its reaching us. If you are working with a client and have any questions about making a gift, or about Pathways LA or community need in general, please feel free to contact us at (213) 639-1541 or JHarris@pathwaysla.org. If you are working on drafting a document before or after normal business hours and you need information immediately, please feel free to e-mail or call us.


Please direct all estate gift correspondence to:

Pathways LA C/O Jason Harris 3325 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1100 Los Angeles, CA 90010