Parent workshop recap: staying cool when your kids are stressing you out - Pathways LA

6th Feb 2019

Parent workshop recap: staying cool when your kids are stressing you out


At Pathways LA we understand the stresses of parenthood. For many of the families we work with, parenting is layered with a number of taxing factors – homelessness, working multiple jobs, or a general lack of stability. Understanding how to manage children and teach them the right boundaries may not always be top of mind, and we’re here to offer some guidance.

Our Family Engagement Program works with parents to support their child’s optimal development. We provide a safe space for parents to access resources, and connect them to other parents and the broader community. Recently, we hosted English and Spanish language family workshops designed to help parents and care providers gain tips on successful ways to discipline and guide children, specifically in times of high stress.

Our in-house family services expert, Alejandra Amaro, led a session teaching attendees how our brains work in tandem with self-regulation. More than two-dozen parents attended and learned strategies that help adults remain calm when children are misbehaving. Some of the topics covered were understanding the difference between discipline and punishment, the use of positive vocabulary when speaking to children, how to set rules at home and help guide children when they’re challenging these boundaries, and other topics that parents are often too embarrassed to ask about on their own.

Often parents struggle with implementation of effective behavioral strategies. To address this, we asked parents to reflect on their own areas of strength and growth, and followed up with advice and strategies that will help in those areas.

In addition to parent workshops, Pathways LA hosts regular Family Engagement Program activities and events where child care and a meal are also provided for attendees. The program focuses on activities designed to educate and inform parents and caregivers, strengthen relationships, build networks of support, and link families with essential resources.

We have a rotating schedule of family-focused events. Be sure to check our news and events page for up to date information on everything happening at Pathways LA!