Family Child Care - Pathways LA

Family Child Care is best described as care provided by a person who has a small child care business in his or her own home. Anyone who cares for more than one other family’s children, other than that of a relative in his or her own home, is a Family Child Care Provider and is required by law to obtain a license. Licensed family child care can be small (6-8 children) or large (up to 14 children with an assistant present).

  • This setting is home-like
  • Parents and children benefit from the sense of having an “extended family”
  • There is continuity and the opportunity for bonding with the same primary child care provider
  • May provide more flexibility in caring for children with minor illnesses
  • May be able to accommodate the need for long or unusual hours
  • It is possible to find a provider who shares a similar lifestyle
  • Licensing requirements insure that every adult in the home has a TB clearance and has no criminal record or accusations of child abuse.

For referrals to licensed Family Child Care Search our provider database or Contact a Pathways LA referral specialist.