New Toy Donation Guidelines - Pathways LA


Size 12 mos – size 6

Blocks, Puzzles, Manipulative, & Active Toys

Suggestions for 18 month olds to 5 year old children

  •  Block – wood, soft foam or any size blocks
  • most types of interlocking building systems, pieces of all sizes (plastic rather not metal pieces)
  • fit-in or framed puzzles, shapes, animals, numbers or letter
  • large, simple jigsaw puzzles (10-25 pieces)
  • peg board with small pegs or magnetic boards with shapes
  • geometrical concept toys or puzzles
  • large and small sandbox tools, sand molds, or bubbles
  • balls of all shapes and sizes (larger than 3 inches)
  • tunnels, cones, or hula hoops

Dolls, Stuffed Toys, Role-Play, Puppets, Transportation Toys

Suggestions for 18 month olds to 5 year old children

  • realistic dolls with hair, moving eyes, movable limbs or child-proportioned dolls
  • stuffed toys with accessories – ribbons or simple clothes
  • dress-up costumes of all types
  • toy housekeeping, cooking , doctor, store play equipment (toy telephone, camera, doctor kit cash register, shopping cart)
  • simple sock or mitten puppets, finger puppets, or multicultural puppets
  • toy cars of all sizes, large-scale trucks, simple trains with tracks

Musical Instruments, Art and Craft Materials

Suggestions for 18 month olds to 5 year old children

  • all rhythm instruments, instruments that require blowing – harmonica, horns, whistles, simple recorder
  • music equipment children can operate – mini recorder
  • large or small crayons of different colors, coloring books water-color paints
  • finger and tempera paint with brushes of various sizes
  • adjustable easel
  • clay or play-doh (including modeling clay and tools)
  • chalkboards and chalk , scissors with rounded ends, stamp set

Games, Board Games, Books

Suggestions for 5 to 12 year old children

  • matching/sorting games such as: shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and pictures
  • simple card games, picture bingo
  • board games with a simple rules
  • science materials – magnets, flashlight, shells, rocks, prism, aquarium, terrarium
  • children’s books

** Please note that the following toys are inappropriate for children’s gifts: Toys with very small parts, action figures, guns or other violent accessories. **