Trauma & Developing a Trauma-Informed Lens - Week Day Option - Pathways LA

13th Mar 2019

Trauma & Developing a Trauma-Informed Lens – Week Day Option

Wednesday, March 13, 2019  |  6:30pm – 8:30pm


Child care professionals are invited to learn more about our program for foster children, a partnership with Child Care Alliance Los Angeles.  The Pathways LA Emergency Child Care Bridge Program for Foster Children offers child care professionals free workshops that will provide new tools and knowledge that ensures every child regardless of circumstance is receiving world class care!

In this, our second module in a series of five, child care providers will learn about different types of trauma, the impact it has on families and children, and how to better engage and support children dealing with trauma. 

Gain an understanding of what the Bridge Program is and how it helps foster children find child care placement at home-based family care settings, which may include a relative or foster parent. Additionally, at our Bridge Program workshops, child care professionals will learn the importance of trauma, brain development, and trauma-informed care, and more.

Pathways LA is offering this English language program twice, one on a weekend day and another on a week day. Participants should only plan to attend one session. Please RSVP for this event here or contact the Pathways LA Resource and Referral Department at 213-427-2710. Snacks will be provided and a raffle will be held with a lucky winner.