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Pathways LA is proud to offer services beyond child care assistance for our families. A parent is a child’s first teacher. Recognizing this important role, our Family Engagement Program partners with parents and caregivers to promote strong parent-child relationships and healthy child development. We embrace a two-generational approach that includes both parent- and child-focused elements to foster positive behavioral, emotional, academic and social outcomes. The holistic, culturally competent program focuses on a family’s existing strengths and building resiliency.


We offer an array of free services including Parent Education and Training, Play and Learn Groups, Parent Cafes, Family Events, and Systems Navigation. Learn more about each below. 


Our Family Engagement Program aims to promote healthy child and family well-being and support positive outcomes for all children. Our strengths-based approach is implemented through the Strengthening Families Framework and its five protective factors. Through our program we offer opportunities to enhance these protective factors which include: Parental Resilience, Social Connections, Concrete Support in Times of Need, Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development, and Social-Emotional Competence of Children.


Parent Education and Training

We offer parenting workshops that provide parents with strategies for navigating common challenges, such as tantrums, bedtime, setting routines and school readiness. These trainings emphasize positive communication, problem solving, strengthening family relationships and stress management. Free child care is provided for all parenting workshops. You can find out about upcoming Trainings on our Events page here!


Play and Learn Groups

Play and Learn Groups allow children and caregivers to participate in fun, engaging and developmentally appropriate activities together, while connecting with other Pathways LA families. Each enrichment activity is designed to expand early learning and promote social-emotional development of children, as well as enhance the social connectedness of parents.


  Our Play and Learn approach offer various programs such as: 


You can find out about upcoming Play and Learn Groups on our Events page here!

Parent Cafes

Parent Cafes provide a safe space for parents to talk about the joys and challenges of raising a family. Through guided discussions that encourage peer-to-peer learning, parents are able to develop strategies rooted in real-world experience and learn about leadership opportunities in their community. They are also introduced to the Strengthening Families framework and given tools to support their family’s resiliency. You can find out about upcoming Parent Cafes on our Events page here!


Family Events

Family Events are monthly family-friendly events to encourage parent-child bonding and build a supportive community environment. These include movie nights, book fairs, back-to-school activities, Dr. Seuss Night, “FamsGiving” dinner and our annual “Family Fun Day.” You can find out about upcoming Family Events on our Events page here!


Systems Navigation

Pathways LA provides families support in connecting with and accessing services that they need, such as child care, housing, food, financial assistance, mental health support, and much more. We offer referrals, information and connections through warm handoffs to partners in our community serving the array of diverse needs. We also help families develop skills and tools to successfully advocate for their family.


If you’re interested in volunteering or sponsoring a Family Engagement Event, please contact Helen Chaj at