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Pathways LA Helps Families Break the Cycle of Intergenerational Poverty!

Families need child care so they can work and children need a safe place where they can learn and continue their healthy development. Unfortunately, far too many low income families do not have access to high quality care because they cannot afford it. Over the past decade, the cost of child care has spiked which has forced families to make difficult decisions about investing in care or being employed. On average, millions of working families pay more for child care than they would for a mortgage/rent, transportation needs, or food every month.

In response, Pathways LA provides over $15 million in child care financial assistance for about 4,000 low income children who live in the metro area. Our financial assistance programs allow parents to go to work, to school, attend trainings or other activities that enhance their career abilities and future earnings potential and have the opportunity to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. We train over 1,000 child care providers in best practices in the early care and learning field that assure children’s health, safety, and ability to learn.

The work of Pathways LA promotes economically resilient communities by strengthening families and supporting their self-sufficiency and ensuring all children have access to the quality foundation they need for life-long success.