CalWORKs Recipients Qualify for Immediate Child Care Assistance Enroll Now



Providers with an active PathwaysLA Service Agreements must enroll in Care Connect- a free digital online tool operated by MCT Technology, that will help manage and monitor reimbursements for services to Pathways LA families. *There are limited exceptions for providers participating in the CalWORKs Stage 1 and or Berendo program.


CareConnect Web or Mobile:

Submitting attendance records can be easy! If you already have a Care Cloud account, you can use the same credentials to login to the CCM Web/Mobile. To enroll, please contact our Provider Unit Department.

  • NO MORE DOWNLOADS – Attendance sheets are electronic and can be tracked on your phone.
  • EASY PARENT VERIFICATION – At the end of the month parents will receive a text & email for approval.
  • SUBMIT TIME SHEETS FROM YOUR HOME – You will not need to mail or drop off paperwork. Just click submit through the mobile app, and it will automatically be received our team.


Guidelines for Submitting a Completed Attendance Records through CareConnect:

  •  All Attendance Records are required to indicate an invoice amount to receive full reimbursement.
  •  Attendance Records will have the Family Fees amount indicated, if applicable. By certifying the  Attendance Record you are also certifying the family fee has been paid.
  • Attendance Records will need to follow the same timeline submissions- please refer to our 2020-2021 Reimbursement and Fiscal Schedule.
  • Attendance Records requires both parent and provider signatures.
  • Any absences should be recorded in the Attendance Records.

Note: This will NOT apply to Berendo providers as they require daily in/out signatures. Stage 1 providers are also exempt.

Quick Tutorial Guides:



For Technical Support please visit MCT’s Support Page or email